LMC 8.4
V1.0 Latest
from Camera Developer

Mar 30, 2024

APK Information

Name LMC 8.4
Version 1.0
Package Name com.izipa.lmc84sgcam
File Size 7.8 MB
Developer Camera Developer
Category Tools
Last Update Mar 30, 2024
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Download LMC 8.4 APK latest version 1.0 developed by Camera Developer, for Androd, from APK.BOATS!

Download LMC 8.4 APK and Capture Stunning Photos Like a Pro!

Looking to elevate your mobile photography game? Look no further than LMC 8.4 APK, a powerful camera app that brings the magic of Google Pixel phones to almost any Android device.

Friends, ever wished you could take incredible photos with your phone, but felt limited by the stock camera app? LMC 8.4 solves that problem! This article dives deep into what LMC 8.4 offers and why it might be the perfect camera app for you.

App Introduction

LMC 8.4 APK is a modded version of the Google Camera app, known for its superior image processing capabilities. Originally designed for Pixel phones, LMC 8.4 unlocks these features for a wider range of Android devices. With LMC 8.4, you can capture professional-looking photos with features like Night Sight, HDR+, and Portrait Mode, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Major Features

  • Night Sight: Say goodbye to grainy low-light photos! Night Sight uses clever algorithms to capture clear and detailed pictures, even in the dark.
  • HDR+: Capture stunning landscape shots with HDR+. This feature takes multiple photos at different exposures and combines them into a single image with perfect lighting balance.
  • Portrait Mode: Achieve that coveted bokeh effect, where your subject remains sharp while the background is beautifully blurred.
  • Advanced Controls: Unleash your inner photographer with LMC 8.4’s extensive manual controls. Adjust settings like white balance, ISO, and exposure for ultimate creative freedom.

Key Features

  • Based on Google Camera for superior image quality
  • Night Sight for exceptional low-light photography
  • HDR+ for high dynamic range and balanced exposure
  • Portrait Mode for stunning bokeh effects
  • Advanced manual controls for creative photography
  • Multiple shooting modes like Slow Motion and Time Lapse
  • Configurable settings to fine-tune your camera experience
  • Free to download and use

Pros and Cons


  • Significantly improves photo quality compared to stock camera apps
  • Offers advanced features like Night Sight and Portrait Mode
  • Free and easy to download
  • Customizable settings for personalized shooting experience


  • May not be compatible with all Android devices
  • Finding the perfect configuration for your phone might require some trial and error
  • Relies on third-party developers for updates and bug fixes


LMC 8.4 APK is a game-changer for mobile photography enthusiasts. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, it allows you to capture stunning photos that rival those taken with high-end smartphones. While compatibility might be an issue for some devices, the potential image quality improvement makes LMC 8.4 definitely worth a try. So, why not download it and see what amazing photos you can create?

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